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History from 2006, a original and pronounceable domain name, very suitable for a Internet Company. Example Use Cases: "product like Server plans, Web Hosting, Remote Desktop Protocol, Cloud Storage". It's estimated that just over a third of the world's population has access to the Internet (around 1.24 billion users), but the number is predestined to increase day by day and it's always on the rise the percentage of the number of individuals and companies looking for a server. A Internet Company with the right name and a good project can make a difference. Limited Time in Auctions! The highest bidder will get this fantastic domain. Good luck =)

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History from 2000, top domain name with excellent pronunciation ideal for a Software Company about the Cyber Security.

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History from 2001, very nice domain name with few letters and with a good pronunciation suitable for a Text Editor Software Company.

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History from 2010, niche top domain name with excellent pronunciation ideal for an Online Video Platform.

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